Seafox successfully decommissions Doggerbank Met masts for Forewind Ltd. 04-12-2017

Seafox successfully decommissions Doggerbank Met masts for Forewind Ltd.

Seafox and their main subcontractor Ardent are pleased to announce the successful decommissioning of the two Forewind Ltd (joint venture of SSE, Statoil and previously Innogy and Statkraft) Dogger Bank Meteorological Masts.

The two suction bucket monopile foundation and lattice tower structures were installed four years ago to gather climate data to assess the feasibility of one of the UK’s largest potential offshore wind farm developments. In light of minimising the environmental impact of the now decommissioned offshore structures, Forewind Ltd opted for the efficient installation and removal operation due to the suction bucket concept.

In preparation of the removal operations, that were successfully executed at the end of September 2017, Seafox and Ardent performed a pre-removal survey to reduce any uncertainties and to confirm the proposed removal procedure of the weather data measuring equipment, lattice towers, platforms and suction bucket monopiles.

Presurvey vessel departing

Presurvey vessel departing for Location from port of Ijmuiden (Netherlands)

All project engineering, fabrication and execution were carried out by Seafox and Ardent. As the foundations, platforms and lattice towers lend themselves for re-use, options for re-using are being explored although nothing has been confirmed at this stage. The offshore operations were executed more quickly than originally planned, which given the weather of the North Sea was of huge benefit to the project. The engineering, fabrication, testing and deploying together with SPT Offshore of a project specific interface frame to control the original suction bucket pump system contributed to the successful removal. The heaviest lift, of the suction bucket and monopile, with potentially clay-sticking, was calculated at 768t.

Project preparation and assurance was carried out by the project team, including Seafox, Ardent, SSE, Global Maritime, Universal Foundations and Searoc, ensuring that the removal of the structures were as successful as possible.

The meteorological masts are composed of an 80-meter lattice tower on a 16 m2 platform, which was mounted on a single pile, secured by a 15-meter diameter wide and 7-meter tall suction bucket. The successful operation is a testimony to both parties experience and hands on mentality whilst performing safe and efficient offshore projects.

Ollie Flattery, SSE Project Manager said, “The successful and safe removal of the structures is a great accolated for all parties involved in the project and a clear sign of the one team ethos, professionalism and diligence of the entire project team.”

Seafox 5 transit to Flushing

Seafox 5 transit to Flushing for offloading of the met masts after successfully decommissioning operations at the Doggerbank (UK Sector).

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About Forewind
Forewind Ltd. was a consortium comprising four leading international energy companies - SSE, Innogy, Statoil and Statkraft. Together, the partnership was responsible for gaining planning consent for four offshore wind projects in the Dogger Bank zone, which is 8,660 km2 in area and is located in the North Sea off the east coast of Yorkshire, between 125 and 290 kilometers offshore. Since planning consent was granted, SSE and Statoil have formed a 50:50 joint venture for three of the Dogger Bank Offshore wind farm projects, Creyke Beck A and B, as well as Teesside A. SSE and Statoil are working closely to progress these projects to a final investment decision.