Accommodation & Crane support



Our company has over 20 years of experience supplying state of the art accommodation and 24/7 catering services. This includes managing personnel and the handling in- and outbound passengers from up to 35 flights a day. Prepare shuttle flights and packages is also included in our services. Overnight stay and lodging facilities are up to the highest standards. We offer single or double cabins with a total fleet capacity of over 700 POB. Recreational facilities are rated for the units POB and include: galley, messroom, stores, recreation rooms, gym, changing rooms, sick bay, conference room, offices, HVAC, internet room. All our units comply with the latest North Sea standards and legislation.

Crane support

The Seafox units are well equipped to carry out lifts on routine and non-routine bases, with offshore pedestal mounted cranes ranging from 30-1200 mt. The lifting operations are handled by a 24/7 competent crew. For non-routine lifts, crew can perform on-site lifting assessments. For special lifts, lifting plans can be generated and assessed.