Seafox Matsu

Specifications: Seafox Matsu

Matsu is a new build GustoMSC NG2500X self-propelled, self-elevating unit for accommodation and offshore support work, designed for working in harsh environments. Built in 2017, she is a DP2 class MOU with accommodation for 150 POB and a 22 m helideck to support the largest offshore helicopters. She has a maximum water depth capability of 70 m and a 300 t Huisman crane with a 60m reach. With over 1400 m2 of free deck space and approx. 1350 t variable deck load, she is a very capable offshore support unit, suitable for maintenance, accommodation and crane support and a variety of other projects. The DP2 control system becomes especially important in areas of congested and critical seabed infrastructure.

A high quality of life exists on board thanks to a high standard of accommodation, leisure facilities and additional health and well-being amenities.