Assistant Controller (Full-time, Finance Department, Office Hoofddorp)

Function description

For the Finance Department in Hoofddorp we are looking for an Assistant Controller.

The Assistant Controller assists the Controller with all general accounting, project accounting and controlling activities.

The Assistant controller has to report to the Controller

Seafox' core values; Reliability, Integrity, Flexibility, Teamwork will be taken into account while performing this function.

The core tasks include but are not limited to:

1. Ensuring that all work assigned to him/her is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the supervisor and/or colleagues and in compliance with Seafox’ policies and procedures. 
2. Sharing relevant information with colleagues and accurately report findings derived from audits and reviews.
3. Playing an active, supporting and guiding role in the Financial Department.
4. Maintainings his/her professional confidentiality concerning personal and corporate information.
5. Keeping up-to-date with developments in the accounting profession.
6. Assisting with company financial planning and budget-management functions.
7. Reporting monthly operational results against budget, analyzing revenue and expenditure trends.
8. Assisting in the preparation of annual and semi-annual financial statements for all Seafox Group Companies.
9. Assisting in implementing finance, accounting, billing, IT and auditing procedures.
10. Preparing outgoing invoices.
11. Checking rates and margins on crew, catering, mobilization, recharge cost and revenue.
12. Resolving issues in sub-administration systems such as asset-, contract- and rig administration.
13. Performing periodic financial internal audits.
14. Controlling and booking incoming and outgoing invoices and bank statements.
15. Resolving accounting discrepancies with involved parties such as vendors, clients, rig managers and purchasing.
16. Assisting the Chief Accountant in preparing recharge invoices, preparing tax declarations for VAT, wages.
17. Being actively involved in IT and improvement projects at the Finance Department.


1. A Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Business Administration, or an equivalent combination, plus three to five years of accounting experience.
2. Experience with: ERP Software, with preference for MS Dynamics NAV2013, OneStream, and invoice scanning and recognition software.
3. Preferably experience in IT and Process improvement projects.
4. Knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting and cost control priciples, including Generally Accepted Accounting Principles / IFRS.
5. Strong command of the English language and knowledge of industry financial related jargon.
6. Knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Office applications.
7. Integrity and able to provide evidence of good conduct when requested.
8. Preference to work in a small team.


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