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Seafox Announces New Chief Executive Officer


Seafox International Limited is pleased to announce that Mr Musadq Alyacoub will be joining the organization as Group Chief Executive Officer starting 1st Jan 201...

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Seafox successfully decommissions Doggerbank Met masts for Forewind Ltd.


Seafox and their main subcontractor Ardent are pleased to announce the successful decommissioning of the two Forewind Ltd (joint venture of SSE, Statoil and previ...

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HM MOS International and Seafox Group form worlds largest jack-up ASV and suppor...


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Seafox 1 reaches 2000 LTI free days


Workfox is very proud to announce that on the 28th of October the Seafox 1 achieved the impressive milestone of 2000 days LTI free. With a total exposure of over ...

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