Seafox and ONEgas sign long term contract 08-10-2014

Seafox and ONEgas sign long term contract

Seafox Contractors B.V is pleased to announce that it has secured a new long term contract with ONEgas, the combined business unit of Shell UK Exploration & Production (Shell) and the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V. (NAM). The contract extends the current cooperation and allows for the upgrade of the Seafox 4 with customized adjustments. The Jack-up unit will continue to provide accommodation and hook-up services exclusively for ONEgas in the Southern North Sea. The successful cooperation between both parties started at the end of 2004 and has now been extended into a new long term commitment of 5 years.

Haije Stigter, project manager off shore operations ONEgas, said:
“We are pleased that the services provided by the Seafox 4 will be extended again for the next 5 years. The safe and efficient operation of Seafox is the basis of our long term cooperation.”

Keesjan Cordia, Managing Director of Seafox Contractors B.V, said:
“The new contract is testament to the strong and long lasting relationship with ONEgas of 15 years to come since the beginning of our cooperation at the end of 2004. My compliments go out to our organization both on- and offshore. They have proven that operational excellence based on strong core values results in a unique and long lasting commitments to and from our clients.”

About Seafox Contractors B.V.
Seafox Contractors B.V. is together with Workfox B.V. united in the Seafox Group, the proud owner of the Seafox Fleet. United operations take place from offices in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Seafox Contractors handles all commercial matters in relation to the Seafox Fleet and the TLQ’s. Workfox B.V. delivers the operational excellence. Founded in 1991, the Seafox Group is a leading provider of offshore accommodation and multi-support service jack-ups across the world. Currently, the Group owns five jack-ups and 50 temporary living quarters. All jack-ups are out on full service contracts to respectable customers in the North Sea on short and long term bases.